August 06, 2020

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Mens and Womens Bowling Team

Cole Delamater for three!


Asher Vissman for three!!

2020 CSAA Gold League Champs!!

Maia Sexton's one finger block!

Almost time to set the game plan into motion!

Andrew Johnson lays it up!

Maddie Wagner on defense!

CSAA Mens Bowling Champs!!

CSAA League Champions

Varsity Girls Basketball Team

Varsity Wrestling Team

JV Boys Basketball Team

JV Girls Basketball Team

The thrill of victory!

Anna Loew on the run!

Zoey Bacon brings the ball up the court!

Autumn Silverthorn on the run!

Hailee Braam concentrates on her spare!

Zalen VanderSchuur tries for a strike!

Trenton Shaffer drives to the hoop!

Jeremiah Zacharda battles on the mat!

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